QuestionI really love you guys. You have made my life brighter and I am sad to see you split. You will forever be my favorite band and will always be in my memories. I know wherever you guys go in your individual ways will be amazing and I hope to see where the future brings you all. I know I probably could have been more articulate but just know you guys have changed my life and are plain awesome people. Keep on being amazing! Answer

That really means a lot ;’) thanks

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QuestionAs one last present to your fans, David should record himself singing 'Ignition.' Just saaaaayin Answer


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QuestionHey, I've been in love with your music since my freshman year and I still reference "The Elements of Style" in everyday conversation. I was a freshman at Center when most of you were seniors and I wish I wasn't so nervous just to talk to all of you, because aside from being great musicians, you all seem like such a nice bunch of people. Thanks for making great music. I like like you, Brite Futures. (NPSH forever <3) Answer

Aw, :) You seem like a nice people too. xoxo

QuestionI was gonna say something like "I'm gonna miss you guys so much", but then, I won't have to miss you too much - I'm still gonna be spinning your records, wearing my swagtastic dark past tee, and that signed poster is staying put on my wall! Thanks for making awesome music that made my teens so much cooler. Love you, and all the best! - Luke Answer

:) :) U da best

QuestionWhat're the plans for you individually? Are there still members planning to pursue music? Answer

Claire is playing bass with a cool teen fastpop rock band called Dude York. And Luke is writing new tunes as Luke Atlas. We’ll have to wait and see about Shaun and David…

QuestionI was there at the last show (I'm the one that got Luke's jacket) and it really just hit me that you guys won't be around anymore. Your music is incredible and so damn fun- the thought that there won't be any more is so sad! Thank you so much for the drives made a thousand times better, the dance parties in basements, and the fantastic experience at the last show. Also, thanks for being so incredibly nice :) I wear my sunglasses proudly and wish you luck with whatever comes next. Answer

Thanks so much! Sorry it took so long to check tumblr messages :) :)

Questionis the album only available in digital formats? id love to have a physical copy to go with the glistening pleasure vinyl that you guys signed up on my wall! Answer

Only digital. But I encourage you to burn it to a CD (old school style) and take a sharpie to it. Draw some hearts and bunnies and the title in cursive. You can even put it in a big cardboard sleeve. This is officially approved by me :) -Luke

When the Lights Go Out, our new unreleased early demos and b-sides album is out now! 28 tracks! Get it on iTunes or Amazon and more.

Coming October 30th

Hey, follow my new personal tumblr! - LUKE ;)

Hey, follow my new personal tumblr! - LUKE ;)

by Cole Hayes

We&#8217;re selling some BF gear on craigslist if you&#8217;re interested. :) We&#8217;re selling some BF gear on craigslist if you&#8217;re interested. :)

We’re selling some BF gear on craigslist if you’re interested. :)

QuestionI cried when i read your goodbye. You are and will always be my favorite band. I'm kind of the leader of an unofficial brite futures fan club at my school and it will break my heart to tell them all that the amazing band i introduced them to is no more. I still remember how prowd i was walking around with my tshirt and sunglasses from the dark past collectors edition. i wish you all luck in your new ventures. Answer

Thanks so much. BFF 4 life.

QuestionBreaks my heart that you guys are moving on, but it's been real. I remember seeing you open for Lily Allen at the Wiltern and my friends and I were pretty much the only people who knew you. Claire turned and smiled at us while we were screaming her name and it was a beautiful moment like whoa. But really, thanks for some sick beats over the past few years. Never getting rid of my bright purple NPSH shirt. Swag on. Answer

:) :) :)

QuestionI will always love you guys and never forget the wonderful music you have filled my youth with. I heavily regret never getting to see you live. It would be wonderful to bump into one of you on the street some day. Much love from Florida and wishing you all a VERY Brite Future. Stay gold y'all Answer

Thanks xo